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Current update June 20, 2014.

My career has taken me from from IBM's mainframe division, in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom, to telecommunications R&D, automation design and network builds across the United States. I am one of the people who brought Wall Street and parts of the Federal Government in Arlington, VA, back online, after the 9/11 attacks. I make my home in the American Pacific Northwest, and have right of abode in both the United States and the European Union.

United States Patent 7,606,359 (October, 2009)

United States Patent 6,480,598 (November, 2003)

United States Patent 6,188,907 (February, 2001)

(see Papers & Patents)







Work History



2007 to present: I run my own independent consulting firm, Meneef, Inc., from Bellevue, WA. I accepted a management buyout with full retirement benefits effective January, 2007. I have since taken a sabbatical, traveled, and updated myself on technology developments in both the PRC and Hong Kong. I actively assist colleagues with Chinese development projects, and work with them on SE Asia business plans and research.

1990 – 2007: Verizon Communications (and predecessor companies Bell Atlantic and NYNEX)

Technical Manager/Consulting Member of Technical Staff.                                            

  1. Verizon Business – Basking Ridge, NJ
  2. Verizon Advanced Data – New York, NY
  3. Bell Atlantic Global Networks – Arlington, VA
  4. PT Excelcomindo Pratama (XL) – Jakarta, Indonesia
  5. NYNEX International (Monaco) – Hong Kong
  6. NYNEX Science & Technology – White Plains, NY

1980 – 1990: Proxy Ltd., London, UK (and U.S. subsidiary Proxy USA, Inc., Coral Gables, FL)

Director of Business Development (founding partner). Moved to the USA permanently in 1985.


1978-1980: Accredited (NVJ/NUJ) journalist/correspondent , Amsterdam / London

Published in Design Magazine (UK), NRC Handelsblad (Netherlands), PC Magazine (Netherlands) , Die Zeit (Germany), Stern (Germany), Telegraaf (Netherlands), Personal Computing Magazine (UK). Member of Dutch and UK journalist unions. Moved to the UK permanently in 1979.

1976-1978: VNU (now The Nielsen Company), Amsterdam, Netherlands

Commissioning and technical editor, Avenue


1974-1976: Steve Austen & Co. N.V ., Amsterdam, Netherlands

Manager of the Shaffy Theater (now Felix Meritis) and Artist Manager in Steve Austen agency.


1973-1974: International Tourist Information, S.A., Amsterdam, Netherlands/Geneva, Switzerland

Manager Audio/Visual System engineering


1969-1973: IBM Nederland N.V. , Amsterdam, Netherlands

Deputy Branch Manager, DP-CE Systems/360







Career Highlights




Build, Design and Maintenance Design of High Availability / NEBS compliant systems and networks.                          

  1. Ranging from New York Telephone and New England Telephone operator systems database environments, Indonesia's XL GSM telephony carrier, to the operating infrastructure of the Verizon Long Distance company, I designed and implemented custom systems to ensure Verizon operating companies are able to maintain operational reliability in accordance with FCC and other Federal requirements.

9/11 Service Recovery.                          

  1. On September 11, 2001, I was nationwide Product Manager for Transparent LAN Service and Gigabit Ethernet Service for the Verizon data service subsidiary, commuting between my Manhattan office and Arlington, VA residence. As such, I and my team implemented emergency services and then rebuilt our service offerings in downtown Manhattan, and in Federal Government facilities in the Washington metropolitan area.

Rollout of DSL and network based Ethernet Metropolitan Area Networks.                          

  1. Product Developer in the team that turned up the first million DSL consumer lines in downstate New York. From the inception of T-1 based Transparent LAN Service in  New York Telephone and New England Telephone to the post merger inclusion of GTE Trans LAN Connect in the Verizon institutional network offerings, managed rollout and buildout of TLS/TLC up to post merger inclusion of the services in the existing MCI network product lineup.

Creation and productization of in-network speech recognition.                          

  1. Instrumental team member in the design, prototyping, testing and rollout of a PSTN-based speech recognition network designed to provide 10,000 non-blocking audio ports in the downstate New York public telephone network, as well as fully automated call centers.








  1. Accomplished patent holding technology specialist

United States Patent 7,606,359 (October, 2009)

United States Patent 6,480,598 (November, 2003)

United States Patent 6,188,907 (February, 2001)

(see Papers & Patents )

  1. Accomplished trained manager (“2nd level” in telco environments) – directly managed departments with up to 800 staff and contracts with a value up to US$ 52 million, with simultaneous responsibilities in 30 U.S. States and 4 overseas countries.
  2. Permanently authorized to work, reside and operate businesses in the United States and the European Union.
  3. Experienced and trained in Secure and Cleared operations.
  4. Experienced and trained in diversity and EEO requirements.
  5. Experienced and trained as compliance (federal, state, local, international) and corporate security officer (physical as well as data).
  6. Hands-on or management experience (in many cases, both) of practically all platforms and operating systems in the IT and communications environments, on mainframes, servers, clients, terminals, mobile and wireless devices, and switching environments. I was in “the cloud” decades before the buzzword was invented.
  7. Accomplished (published) multilingual writer and photographer.
  8. A registered Hostmaster and domain owner, I have had a personal internet presence since 1997, am an experienced web server manager and programmer, and have managed web presence for NYNEX, Bell Atlantic, and Verizon companies.








Gaspard de Coligny       The Hague, The Netherlands

1e Vrijzinnig Christelijk Lyceum       The Hague, The Netherlands

(Grammar School in Europe bridges U.S. Style High School and College as university preparatory education)






Verizon Certification


ISO 9000 auditor

Quality Systems (QMS)

Project Management (PMS)

C programming

Lotus Notes / Domino server

Telecommunications Regulatory (compliance)

VSAT network creation






Other Training and Education


SNA – Citicorp

Company Director - UK

Printing, Publishing & Page Makeup - VNU

Film & A/V Production – M. M. Chanowski Productions








Dutch (native, fluent, published)

English (primary, fluent, published)

German (fluent)

French (spoken)

Italian, Spanish (working knowledge)








European Union Citizen (Netherlands, native)

UK Permanent Resident (1979)

USA Permanent Resident (1985)

TSA approved for Global Entry


Marital Status


I’m good, thanks