Menno E Aartsen

    Project & Program Manager - Systems & Network Engineer – Writer, Photographer, Translator

    Technology developer and integrator holding speech recognition automation patents:

    Seattle, WA, April 9, 2017

    United States Patent 7,606,359 (October, 2009)

    United States Patent 6,480,598 (November, 2003)

    United States Patent 6,188,907 (February, 2001)

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    Accomplished trained manager (“2nd level” in regulated wireline environments) – directly managed departments with up to 800 staff and contracts with a value up to US$ 52 million, with simultaneous responsibilities in 30 U.S. States and 4 overseas countries.

    My career has taken me from The Netherlands and the United Kingdom, from IBM's mainframe division, to telecommunications R&D and network builds across the United States. I have spoken and written fluency in English and Dutch, am a fluent German speaker, and have a basic understanding of French. I make my home in the United States and am a native citizen of the European Union.

Work History

    Management Consultant (independent) Bellevue, WA - 2012 – present

    Management Consultant (independent) Fredericksburg, VA - 2009 – 2012

Cancer treatment and recovery - Arlington, VA – 2008/9

Verizon Communications (and predecessor companies Bell Atlantic and NYNEX) – 1990 to 2007:

    Verizon Business – 2005 - Basking Ridge, NJ – Senior Staff Consultant, Product Management / Product Development, Gigabit Ethernet

    I was responsible for bringing Verizon's commercial IP product TLS, or Transparent LAN Service, and Gigabit Ethernet, which I had managed since they were offered out of BANI (Bell Atlantic Network Integration), into the Verizon Wholesale organization, and combined TLS with MCI's IP products.

    Manage network build (2Y)

    Manage network test (1m)

    Manage provisioning software development (8m)

    Manage provisioning software QA test (2m)

    Manage MCI network merge (6m)

    Verizon Advanced Data – 2002 - New York, NY - Group Manager, Product Management / Product Development, ADSL

    Responsibility for the consumer ADSL product Verizon sold, as an integrated product, in both the North-East, and the Mid-Atlantic region.

    Manage network build (2Y)

    Manage network test (3m)

    Manage provisioning software development (6m)

    Manage provisioning software QA test (1m)

    Conducted VOD trial (1y)

    Bell Atlantic Global Networks – 2000 – Arlington, VA – Director, Information Systems, Long Distance Company

    Director Information Systems, responsible for the build and staffing of computing and workstation environment as well as the Network Operations Center, reporting to the CEO, and Compliance and Security Officer, reporting to the CFO.

    Manage Data Center build (2Y)

    Manage regulatory compliance (2y)

    RFP management (1Y)

    PO generation (6m)

    Purchasing management (1y)

    Hire and build IT team (400 staff, 1Y)

    Manage IT team (6m)

    NYNEX International – 1995 - Hong Kong – General Manager Information Technology Indonesia, Pt. Exelcomindo Pratama

    Manage Data Center build (6m)

    RFP management (1Y)

    PO generation (1Y)

    Hire and build IT team (40 managers, 6m)

    Manage IT team (2m)

    NYNEX Science & Technology – 1990 - White Plains, NY – Member of Technical Staff, Systems Analysis Laboratory

    IVR platform design (1Y)

    IVR platform testing (5Y)

    Operator Services test plans (3Y)

    Test data collection & analysis (2Y)

    NEBS testing documentation (2Y)

    Software QA testing (2Y)

    Switch interface QA testing (1Y)


IBM Research - former labs at Uithoorn, The Netherlands – 1969-1973

Coursework at IBM Research (in-house training) in Systems Analysis, Computer Science and DP-CE Systems/360

1e Vrijzinnig Christelijk Lyceum - The Hague, The Netherlands

The old style Gymnasium in The Netherlands bridged American Style High School and College as university preparatory education.

Gaspard de Coligny - The Hague, The Netherlands

Other Training

PMP - Verizon Technologies

Quality Systems - Verizon Technologies

ISO 9001 Auditor  - Verizon Technologies

Systems Analysis - IBM TJ Watson, Verizon Technologies

SNA – Citicorp

Company Director - UK

Printing, Publishing & Page Makeup - VNU

Film & A/V Production – M. M. Chanowski Productions


English Dutch German


On request

NYNEX / Bell Atlantic / Verizon employment verification via company code 10303