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This picture was taken inside my switch room at 140 West Street in Manhattan, shortly after September 11, 2001. We recovered. I have expertise few have.

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  • My career has taken me from from IBM's mainframe division, in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom, to telecommunications R&D and network builds across the United States. I have spoken and written fluency in English and Dutch, am a fluent German speaker, and have a basic understanding of French. I make my home in the United States, in the Seattle, WA, area, and am a native citizen of the European Union.

  • As Product Manager for Verizon switched commercial IP networks, I was first responder and risk & recovery manager on and after 9/11/2001, both in Manhattan and in Arlington, VA

  • I directly managed departments with up to 800 staff and contracts with a value up to US$ 52 million, with simultaneous responsibilities in 30 U.S. States, Europe, Asia Pacific and India

  • Published writer and established technical translator

  • United States Patent 7,606,359 (October, 2009)

    United States Patent 6,480,598 (November, 2003)

    United States Patent 6,188,907 (February, 2001)

Employment History

    Meneef, Inc. Bellevue, WA – Management Consultant (sole proprietor)

    Verizon Communications (and predecessor companies Bell Atlantic and NYNEX) New York, NY - Arlington, VA – Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Product Design / Development

    VNU (now the Nielsen Company) Amsterdam - London – Editor / Reporter / Foreign Correspondent

    IBM Amsterdam - London – Deputy Branch Manager, DP-CE


    IBM Nederland Uithoorn, Netherlands– SNA,Systems Analysis, Computer Science, Cybernetics, Systems Integration, Customer Engineering

    1e Vrijzinnig Christelijk Lyceum The Hague, Netherlands – The old style Grammar School in Europe bridged American Style High School and College as university preparatory education


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